What all items do i need to bring with me?
– Towel and toiletries
– Water bottle, torch
– Bedsheets
– Shoes, socks, Slippers/chappal
– Notebook, Pen/pencil/eraser, Pen drive (to share digital content)
– Insect/mosquito repellents and personal medicines, if any
– Things to sell at the mela
– Plus anything that one would like to share with others,
and of course… a good sense of humor! 🙂

Will there be fruit served?
Yes. We will arrange for the fruits.

How far is the nearest provision store and chemist?
Will let you know soon.

What time are we expected to arrive and depart?
Depends on your program. If you come prior to 9th or stay after 13th then you will have to pay for the extra day of stay.

Where is the nearest hospital?
Will let you know soon.

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