The fifth annual conference of Indian Homeschoolers

It is time for the fifth annual conference of Indian Homeschoolers. The first two conferences were held at Khandala in Maharashtra, third conference was at Aavishkaar campus at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh) while the previous one was at Visthar campus, Banglaore. This time we explored venue options in central and eastern India. The exploration led us to the Kasturbagram, Indore.

Considering the climate and feasibility we have finalised the event for March i.e. March 09 to 13, 2017. Indore in March would be lovely. We are sure that nature will conspire to add new dimensions to our conversations and make us feel at home.

So book your seats and pack your bags for memories that you will always cherish!

2 thoughts on “The fifth annual conference of Indian Homeschoolers

  1. Hi I am Puja from Dharamshala, himachal pradesh. I have just begun homeschooling my 9-year old daughter Aloka. I would like to meet fellow homeschoolers in Indore and find answers to some of my challenges.

    • please do register if you have not done the same. there is a family from palampur who is also coming for the swashikshan meetup

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